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Felony cases in Kentucky can begin in District Court or Circuit Court but all felonies conclude in Circuit Court. Felonies include property crimes (theft; burglary; robbery; receiving stolen property; criminal mischief), violent crimes (assault; murder; capital murder/death penalty cases; homicide; manslaughter; kidnapping) sex crimes/sexual offenses (rape; sexual abuse; unlawful transaction with a minor; child pornography cases including sexting, internet and computer offenses; sexual misconduct; sodomy; incest) drug offenses (possession of a controlled substance, cocaine, prescription pills, meth; drug trafficking including controlled substances, prescription pills, cocaine, marijuana, meth; manufacturing methamphetamine/crystal meth), fourth offense DUI, criminal fraud (credit card fraud; forgery; unlawful possession of a forged instrument; embezzlement) and many other crimes that have a penalty of one year or more in prison.

In Kentucky, felonies fall in one of four categories: A, B, C or D. "A" felonies carry 20 years to life imprisonment. Capital Murder is the only offense in Kentucky that carries a potential death penalty. "B" felonies carry 10 -20 years imprisonment. "C" felonies carry 5-10 years imprisonment. "D" felonies carry 1-5 years imprisonment. Persistent felony offenders (PFO) receive greater penalties.

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